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Lu update

So check out this blog post on autism and aggression, A checklist for identifying sources of aggression Great stuff and things I need to keep in mind when my Lu is acting out. I must remember she is trying to tell me something and it’s my job to figure it out! Things seem to be back to our normal with Lu. We are spending a lot of time outside, lots of bear hugs, lots of jumping and lots and lots of talking about where Lu can and cannot run. I am still trying to find a good activity for her that gives her the sensory input she seeks but won’t be overwhelming or too chaotic. And she’s still drawing up a storm, she’ll spend thirty minutes or so every night when she’s with me drawing before bedtime. I love it. 


Sunday morning run

Morning run stats (don’t believe the splits, my phone or the runkeeper app has been wonky, I know the distance is correct though.)

Wooo, such a beautiful morning, it feels HOT and it’s awesome after our long ass winter. The greenway smelled of lilacs and everything is blooming, it’s gorgeous. And of course, Sunday morning means lots of people biking, walking and running. It’s so wonderful to see us utilizing the greenway, it’s really amazing how the city turned a sketchy and often dangerous area where addicts and alcoholics hung out to a thriving green space that attracts all kinds to get out and get their exercise on! Good job Mpls!

So I foam rolled the hell out of my left butt, hip and thigh before I headed out after I had my usual cup of coffee with cream and big glass of water. I need to remember to just drink water ALL day, especially now that it’s getting hot and I’ll sweat a lot more on my runs. My knee felts great through the whole run. I thought about running around Lake of the Isles too but decided I wasn’t up to adding three more miles onto my run. Maybe tomorrow morning 🙂

When I got back to my exit on the greenway, I did some stretching (calves, hips, butt and hip flexors) and then headed to the house. Now I’m eating, my post run eats: two pieces of sprouted whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a glass of hippy gatorade (this time it’s 100% tart cherry juice, juice of two limes and coconut water), a spinach salad with apples, goat cheese and red wine olive oil dressing. Might eat an avocado too.

Then I get to work for ten hours. I will sleep like a rock tonight.


That’s right, I’m back baby!

I just completed an activity with RunKeeper

Happy to report, I complete this run with NO knee pain. Yoga, strength training and massage (plus acupuncture this last session) seems to be working. Oh hell yes, I was so worried the IT band syndrome was going to derail my whole summer running plans!

A not fun new behavior in my Lu

So Thursday and Friday night, Lu started to exhibit some fairly aggressive behavior with Friday night being the worst of it. I know I did not handle things great and probably helped to escalate the situation and it scared the shit out of me. I called her dad in a panic and my mom, freaking out, crying, trying to stay calm but failing miserably. It was not fun. at all. Lu was pushing me hard, she could have pushed me down if I wasn’t paying attention and bracing for her pushes, she threw stuff at my head and slammed a door in my face. UGH. I do not want my normally sweet child to behave this way. So, I did some reading on autism and aggressive behavior and realized I need to have a calm plan of attack for when this behavior emerges again. I’m pretty sure she is just wanting attention and I know she likes to see me react angrily, she laughs while I get more and more angry. It’s so maddening.

So, my mantra from now on will be, calm and cool, calm and cool, calm and cool. If she isn’t getting the reaction she wants from me, she will hopefully move on to something less aggressive and scary. Wish me luck. I will also call her doctor to see if she has any advice or if she thinks we need to see a behaviorist.  And I’ll be emailing her teacher tomorrow to let her know about this new behavior and if she has any advice or can work with her while at school.

Today’s workout brought to you by Polica

So yesterday I didn’t get any glute work done before I had to get the kids off to their dad’s and myself off to work. I need to get a step counter so I can track how much walking I do at work. I have a feeling it’s well over 15k steps, especially on a Saturday. I read about RunKeeper and a new app they have for tracking your steps and general level of activity throughout the day but it’s only available for iPhone. I’ll download that once it’s available for android.

I made sure I got my glute workout in this morning. I did 3 sets of lunges, squats, planks and side leg lifts. My butt will hurt tomorrow and I love that feeling. I did ten minutes or so of relaxing yoga at the end to stretch everything out and also, just because yoga feels amazing.

another morning, another workout

Okay, did the same workout today as yesterday, the 30 minute pre-programmed workout number 4 on my treadmill and a yoga recovery workout from Runners World. I’m feeling real good but my knee is still painful ugh. So tomorrow is a no running day. I’ll do some glute work in the morning and then work a 10 hour shift on my feet with a lot of walking.

the slacking ends now

I moved my treadmill out of my living room and into my four season porch and today was my first workout with the new set up. I’m very happy with my new home gym, hah. It’s great to have the treadmill out of the way and not overcrowding my living room but still easily accessible. I will need to configure a good cooling system for the summer heat though as the porch bakes in the afternoon sun.

So, as far as my slack training, I’ve been nursing a tender left knee for over a month now. I’m pretty sure it’s IT band syndrome and it’s irritating as fuck. I ran a 15k a few weeks ago and while my time wasn’t horrible and I ran across the finish line, I could hardly walk for 30 minutes or so after the race. Stupid, maybe, but I paid to run that race and I was going to run it. I’ve been researching and reading up on how to help my knee and I believe I’ve come up with a good plan. Any experts or others that have been through this want to weigh in, please do so!

  • I’ve added strength training back into my workout routine, specifically my core and glutes
  • yoga and foam rolling
  • massage and chiropractic care
  • and most importantly, a slow build up of miles.

I don’t like doing much of anything slow but I need to protect my knee and body and if I want run long-term, I need to do this right.  My next race is one month away which should give me plenty of time to get myself together.

I haven’t ran at all since the 15k two weeks ago so I got on the treadmill and did one of the pre-programmed workouts, number 4. I like that workout because of it’s slow build up and nice slow down with a power punch at the very end. I didn’t want to just jump on the treadmill and go out for my usual 5k pace which I felt would have made my knee throb pretty quick. I’m happy to report that my knee only had a bit o’pain at the very last fast part. And now I’m going to do some yoga!