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today is a day

Today, I’m prepping to take my nine year old in for dental work but because she will not tolerate a regular cleaning (and never has in her little life) much less x-rays or fillings, she’s going to the hospital and needs to have anesthesia so they can get her teeth in order. I’m a little on edge about the whole thing but I know she’s in good hands and that logically, anesthesia is safe and she’s in more danger  during the car ride to the hospital. But the mama worrier brain can’t help it and is kicking up some extra worry for today. So I’ll drink too much coffee and have too much nervous energy.

The nurse told me they have a sedative they can give to her if she’s anxious right away and I’m thinking, can I get one too? haha. I’m happy we have a great hospital to go to that caters to my kiddo’s needs and will help to ensure she’s not terrified of doctors and dentists in the future. My kid struggles with words at times and I’m often left to guess how to help her, I’ve gotten pretty good at reading her and she’s gotten better at communicating in her own way what she needs. But it’s an added layer to normal parenting stress.

Wish us luck for a low stress couple of days xox


Lu update

So check out this blog post on autism and aggression, A checklist for identifying sources of aggression Great stuff and things I need to keep in mind when my Lu is acting out. I must remember she is trying to tell me something and it’s my job to figure it out! Things seem to be back to our normal with Lu. We are spending a lot of time outside, lots of bear hugs, lots of jumping and lots and lots of talking about where Lu can and cannot run. I am still trying to find a good activity for her that gives her the sensory input she seeks but won’t be overwhelming or too chaotic. And she’s still drawing up a storm, she’ll spend thirty minutes or so every night when she’s with me drawing before bedtime. I love it. 

A not fun new behavior in my Lu

So Thursday and Friday night, Lu started to exhibit some fairly aggressive behavior with Friday night being the worst of it. I know I did not handle things great and probably helped to escalate the situation and it scared the shit out of me. I called her dad in a panic and my mom, freaking out, crying, trying to stay calm but failing miserably. It was not fun. at all. Lu was pushing me hard, she could have pushed me down if I wasn’t paying attention and bracing for her pushes, she threw stuff at my head and slammed a door in my face. UGH. I do not want my normally sweet child to behave this way. So, I did some reading on autism and aggressive behavior and realized I need to have a calm plan of attack for when this behavior emerges again. I’m pretty sure she is just wanting attention and I know she likes to see me react angrily, she laughs while I get more and more angry. It’s so maddening.

So, my mantra from now on will be, calm and cool, calm and cool, calm and cool. If she isn’t getting the reaction she wants from me, she will hopefully move on to something less aggressive and scary. Wish me luck. I will also call her doctor to see if she has any advice or if she thinks we need to see a behaviorist.  And I’ll be emailing her teacher tomorrow to let her know about this new behavior and if she has any advice or can work with her while at school.

From my phone

Lu’s favorite new game, “play in the dark” where she turns all the lights off in the living room and hallway. Which is fine except I can’t see very well in the dark so I end up tripping on something every time she wants to play in the dark. She’s awesome 🙂

a good overview

Autism – PubMed Health.

My aunt asked me about Lu’s severity so I was looking around the web for her and found this page, it has a very comprehensive list of symptoms.  It makes me feel like things could be so much worse with Lu! and I’m so grateful.

that’s mommy’s wine

that’s what my Lu says as she points to my big glass of wine.  she’s so cute.  We’re home tonight while daddy’s out running errands.  the baby is asleep, Lu’s on the couch playing with her leapster and I’m on my computer.  just another fun filled friday night at our house.  soon we’ll move into the bedroom and settle in for the night.

how’d I get so lucky to have a girl like Lu?  she’s not what I envisioned for a child.  I kept waiting for her to start asking me how things work and the like.  she never has.  she just takes in knowledge and occasionally lets you know what she knows.  she’s taught me so much though and i know i have a ton more to learn from her.  she lives so much in her own world but still manages to charm everyone she meets.  it’s like she makes everyone see the world the way she does without really doing much more than just being her.

she’s also one of the most frustrating people i know.  but hey, i love a challenge and she sure does challenge me.

we’ve never had a real back and forth conversation.

she does tell me often that she loves frogs and ladybugs.

she wanted to learn the ABCs in ASL so I taught her and now she is constantly doing her ABCs in ASL and she wants me to spell in ASL all her favorite things.  Milk, hot chocolate, frogs, ladybugs, mommy, daddy, carae, Lu, cheese, mushrooms and so on.

she is awesome.