Monthly Archives: April 2013

Getting used to it

One of the hardest adjustments so far during this whole separation for me is getting use to being alone. I seem to do okay when I have the girls but on those nights they are with their dad, I have a hard time being alone in the house. I will get use to it though. I will learn that it’s okay be alone with just your thoughts. I will learn that I don’t need to be constantly around people or someone. And I will fine.


little updatey goodness

I’m still running and working out a few times a week. yay me

I’ve got my guitar out and am practicing chords. really would like to learn how to properly play. I’ve had lessons in college, was attempting to learn when I found out I was pregnant with Lu and have never picked up the guitar again. so I’ll try now. we’ll see if I can do it.

work is going well. I’m on a mini vacation which is awesome.

the split up seems to be going well. the girls are adjusting to having two houses, they seem totally fine with everything.