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NYE with Stella




Happy fucking New Year!

I can’t wait until my week vacation. Two weeks to go. I can make it. The holidays have just about destroyed my body. Still need a massage, maybe over vacation. I thought the wine order last year was going to kill me but the produce order I think will be the one that does me in.


yup, it’s my weekend and that means it’s time to clean oh fun times indeed. think my kids would kill me if I just got rid of all their toys? especially with the stack of presents awaiting opening on Tuesday which will just add to the general clutter, I really feel the urge to purge this house. maybe it’s time for a horders marathon to give me some inspiration.


well, lots of my co-workers are going through some shit. One guy’s best friend committed suicide last week, another woman’s teenage son lost two fingers in an accident yesterday, a woman’s cat is dying, half of the crew is sick and the other half is working hurt. yup, it’s fun times at work. at least we are still laughing and joking and in general having a good time but it’s there, this pervasive gloom under all the laughs.

managing a crew of 75 is like parenting a very large group of children. it’s emotionally tiring.

Bah humbug

Ugh, I’m so not into the Christmas spirit this year. I think working in retail for 9 years killed what little spirit I had pre-TJ’s. We haven’t even put up the tree this year and I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. I keep thinking of all the crap I need to get done in the next seven days plus work. Post office tomorrow to mail the in-laws shit and send off cards to a few aunts and my grandpa. Then a trip to the mall for a few last minute gifts. Actually that’s not too bad, just means more running around and less relaxing on my weekend…

Okay whine whine whine . And I’m done.

All I want for Christmas is a massage. Let’s see if that happens. I do get a surprise extra day off next week so that should help my poor overworked body and yes that massage would really help too.


And the crazy chantix dreams have begun!


And there goes another week. The no smoking thing is going great. I’ve got CaRae’s class in the morning and then cleaning all day because we are having friends over Friday. I love the weekends.

Last day

Today is my last day of smoking. I started chantix Thursday and I have five cigarettes left in a pack I bought Friday. So after those five smokes are gone, I’m all done smoking hopefully forever! I know I can never ever under no circumstances ever put a cigarette in my mouth again or I’ll be right back to being hooked again. I’M DONE.

From my phone

Lu’s favorite new game, “play in the dark” where she turns all the lights off in the living room and hallway. Which is fine except I can’t see very well in the dark so I end up tripping on something every time she wants to play in the dark. She’s awesome ­čÖé

and I’m back…

sigh, I really do suck at keeping up with this thing. hah! I got a fancy new phone so I think I’ll be able to blog from that thing so hopefully I’ll be a bit more┬áconsistent.

So it’s December 1st. how the hell did that happen? How can time move so fast at times. I guess it helps when life is so busy busy busy that you barely even notice the weeks passing by.

okay, the little one is crying for mommy. gotta go!