Things I’d Rather Do

Then write a paper:

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Watch Ken Burns: The West
  • Eat candy
  • Write this post
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Poke eye out


JFC I’m terrible at this blogging thing

So I updated my other blog, Blind Girl Runs, with a little life update but then remembered I had this here blog as well sooooo UPDATE: After finding a job in a new field in January and then being told my position is being eliminated and my last day at R55 will be July 31st, I’m feeling very out of sorts. I want to have flexibility in my work, I want to be able to take care of my kids, my self, my life AND work and earn enough money to pay for things like housing, food, clothes, vacation (because let’s be real, traveling and time off IS SUPER FUCKING IMPORTANT to the quality of life.) But HOW do I do this? Of course, there are plenty of ways to work from home or work remote or freelance or or or. Yes, I know this and I know plenty of folks who hustle and create the life they want. And I know I can realistically do the same. But taking that step is a little terrifying. I’ve always worked full-time and had steady paychecks with all the perks and benefits of that. So now I’m in spot where I have, maybe, an opportunity to change things up. So I’m looking at part-time work for some steady income and then trying to find a way to bring in other money. Maybe I can write about human resources and how to effectively manage teams, keep talent, grow leaders within your organization, recruit the right people. Or this one is super important: how to not be dicks to your millennial and sooner than you realize, gen Z, workforce, since, you know, they make up the majority of your workforce! (Yup, that’s big pet peeve of mine.)

My BF always tells me to just write. Write and post shit and see what works. And he’s right. Just write. so I’ve gotta figure out what to do with these blogs/websites. Do I (very poorly) try to write in both or do I throw all my effort into Blind Girl Runs and try to make that a thing? But I want to write about more than just running stuff. Like, I want to write about the business of working with people (HR), and also my life and living with RP (hybrid of monybalony and blindgirlruns) SO do I ditch this site and combine it with BGR and then also create a new more professional business-y type site? Or should I just combine these two sites and write about whatever the hell I want to write about and then if some of the HR type posts start gaining attention or I gain more confidence in my writing ability, go from there?

Talk to me interent!


i’m hilarious

so much for weekly writing! HAH!

well not much has changed. we all turned a year older. kids are back in school. summer was short but fun. spring break was a trip to the ocean. winter was winter. and now we’re rolling into another long winter. holidays are coming. the days are growing shorter and the nights longer. we’ve had snow already. i’ve busted out the fleece and flannel lined pants and we all love our winter gear.

maybe this will be the year. maybe. maybe i’ll get my shit together and write in this freaking thing. maybe.

Let’s just call this a once a year blog thing

Wow, I’m totally sucking at keeping up with this dang thing! I really need to make this a habit. Weekly writing, I can do it! hahaha. Last year, I had a goal to write three times a week between this blog and, I failed spectacularly at both endeavors. So I will be attempting that again. Part of the problem is that Facebook makes it so easy to read an article, share, and comment on it and I already have 400 followers who engage with most things I share/post on that platform.  AND! I’m a mediocre writer at best and feel that others can say what’s on my mind oh so much better than I. So there’s the fear of doing this writing thing and being a fraud. But to get any good at anything, one has to practice SO if I can just motivate enough to get on this thing and fucking write a few times a week, it will get easier and I’ll feel less like a fraud (although, never like a writer) and maybe some good shit will be written.

today is a day

Today, I’m prepping to take my nine year old in for dental work but because she will not tolerate a regular cleaning (and never has in her little life) much less x-rays or fillings, she’s going to the hospital and needs to have anesthesia so they can get her teeth in order. I’m a little on edge about the whole thing but I know she’s in good hands and that logically, anesthesia is safe and she’s in more danger  during the car ride to the hospital. But the mama worrier brain can’t help it and is kicking up some extra worry for today. So I’ll drink too much coffee and have too much nervous energy.

The nurse told me they have a sedative they can give to her if she’s anxious right away and I’m thinking, can I get one too? haha. I’m happy we have a great hospital to go to that caters to my kiddo’s needs and will help to ensure she’s not terrified of doctors and dentists in the future. My kid struggles with words at times and I’m often left to guess how to help her, I’ve gotten pretty good at reading her and she’s gotten better at communicating in her own way what she needs. But it’s an added layer to normal parenting stress.

Wish us luck for a low stress couple of days xox

and look! there goes a whole year and then some!

so here we are, fall 2015. Things are great. I met a great man who has joined my little family. We are planning and organizing and doing all the things. Love is a beautiful thing!

The kiddos are good, the start of the school year was a bit rough but we seem to be in a good groove for now.

I’m gonna strive to write in this thing a few times a week. even if it’s just shit stuff. I need to get back in the habit. I’ve started reading again so now it’s time to get on the writing train.

I think when I find interesting shit on the web, instead of just straight up sharing it through FB, I’ll share through here and then share this to FB. Because I have lots to say. But I tend to say it on FB.

Make new habits.

And look, there goes a whole month…

Quick recap,  I ran a half marathon in Duluth, hung out with an old friend and some new friends.  I went to a work party in Chicago and made the most of my 24 hours in that beautiful city.

My kids are great,  my work is great.  I feel great. 

Summer is delicious. 

Lu update

So check out this blog post on autism and aggression, A checklist for identifying sources of aggression Great stuff and things I need to keep in mind when my Lu is acting out. I must remember she is trying to tell me something and it’s my job to figure it out! Things seem to be back to our normal with Lu. We are spending a lot of time outside, lots of bear hugs, lots of jumping and lots and lots of talking about where Lu can and cannot run. I am still trying to find a good activity for her that gives her the sensory input she seeks but won’t be overwhelming or too chaotic. And she’s still drawing up a storm, she’ll spend thirty minutes or so every night when she’s with me drawing before bedtime. I love it. 

Sunday morning run

Morning run stats (don’t believe the splits, my phone or the runkeeper app has been wonky, I know the distance is correct though.)

Wooo, such a beautiful morning, it feels HOT and it’s awesome after our long ass winter. The greenway smelled of lilacs and everything is blooming, it’s gorgeous. And of course, Sunday morning means lots of people biking, walking and running. It’s so wonderful to see us utilizing the greenway, it’s really amazing how the city turned a sketchy and often dangerous area where addicts and alcoholics hung out to a thriving green space that attracts all kinds to get out and get their exercise on! Good job Mpls!

So I foam rolled the hell out of my left butt, hip and thigh before I headed out after I had my usual cup of coffee with cream and big glass of water. I need to remember to just drink water ALL day, especially now that it’s getting hot and I’ll sweat a lot more on my runs. My knee felts great through the whole run. I thought about running around Lake of the Isles too but decided I wasn’t up to adding three more miles onto my run. Maybe tomorrow morning 🙂

When I got back to my exit on the greenway, I did some stretching (calves, hips, butt and hip flexors) and then headed to the house. Now I’m eating, my post run eats: two pieces of sprouted whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a glass of hippy gatorade (this time it’s 100% tart cherry juice, juice of two limes and coconut water), a spinach salad with apples, goat cheese and red wine olive oil dressing. Might eat an avocado too.

Then I get to work for ten hours. I will sleep like a rock tonight.


That’s right, I’m back baby!

I just completed an activity with RunKeeper

Happy to report, I complete this run with NO knee pain. Yoga, strength training and massage (plus acupuncture this last session) seems to be working. Oh hell yes, I was so worried the IT band syndrome was going to derail my whole summer running plans!