Monthly Archives: June 2013

what a day

well, 10 years ago, I got married. today, I finished filling out the divorce paperwork.

I also started formulating a business plan. nothing that will happen any time soon, it’s at least two years out.

moving forward

one day at a time

i made an awesome anniversary dinner, steak, mashed baby red potatos and sauteed asparagus, onions and mushrooms. it was delicious. now i’m enjoying a whiskey ginger while i wait for Lu to fall asleep.

time for bed soon

what a day



today is our 10 year wedding anniversary.

the D

Divorce paperwork filled out.

having courts review before having G review and then we’ll file! wow.


budget my ass

I can’t budget worth a damn! this month, I’ve blown through all of  the budgets I had set hahaha oh fuck. well, I’ll hit it one of these months. I am getting so much better at my target trips and sticking to my list (in my head.) Had one big unexpected expense this month with my monitor blowing out. Here’s to a better July.

three updates in a row!

I still wanna run away from everything, start over in some new town but because it’s not just me, I’m forcing myself to be still. it’s so fucking hard. but i’m doing it. also, I’m happy to report, my hair is still in long form. and a natural looking color although, my roots could use some help 😉

I am getting tattooed like a crazy fool. but that’s okay. better than running away. and running for excercise seems to help.

Also, I have some amazing friends that keep me  grounded and talk me off the ledge.

and the being alone thing, well, i do still struggle with that at times. but i don’t think i’m being destructive so i’m just going with it, if I need to hang out with friends on my home alone nights, then so be it.

I need someone tall to change a lightbulb for me 😉

I’ve been immersing myself in music. not much tv watching. a total reversal. and I’m loving it.

summer is here. and then will be gone.

did i mention that i love to run? hah!

i love my friends

i love my kids

i love myself 🙂 i wrote up a “Harmony’s roadmap to a better life” thing today. I scold myself, encourage probably sounds like i’ve gone crazy (or crazier) but it felt great to write out a plan. i will have an amazing life. and it will be because i made it happen. it won’t happen tomorrow and that’s okay. it will happen. in a two years. I’ll probably be legally blind by then so that’s when things will have to be well underway.

um so the guitar thing…

hah! just was re-reading through some of my posts here. so yeah, that guitar thing, haven’t picked it up since that day! I should just resign myself to the fact that I’ll never teach myself to play!

I am still running though and kicking ass! I’m ready for my first 5k in two weeks from tomorrow. like i’m going to run this thing and it’ll be NO problem at all. I’m definitely doing a 10k this fall. I wish I could run every damn day. EVERY DAMN DAY!

it feels so wonderful

I have my breath figured out so now I feel like I can run forever, or at least until I collapse due to muscle failure 😉

When I have to run at the gym, I’m starting to work on my pace. I’ll run two miles and set the pace to under 9 minutes/mile. I’m hoping that will help me be faster when I’m running outside.

goal before the snow flies is to find a used treadmill for the house.

next summer I want to do a bunch of 5ks all over the great state of Minnesota. I think that’d be so fun. I’d love to take the girls with me but would need to find a partner in crime to travel with me and help with the girls while I’m running. maybe I can aim for two a month, if I can work it out with my schedule at work, who knows what that’ll look like then.

one of these days, I’m buying this domain name LOL

no update in a while

nothing much to report, if you follow me on facebook, you’ll know things are going well, as well as they can be considering. I’m trying to get in some good quality time with my girls on my days off since I don’t see them for three days. they are always so happy to see me when I pick them up on Tuesday evening, it kinda breaks my heart. i’ve been extra emotional lately too. not sure what’s up with that. and goddamn,whiskey just makes me so weepy hahah so I’ve been sticking to beer when I want to have a drink or two.