um so the guitar thing…

hah! just was re-reading through some of my posts here. so yeah, that guitar thing, haven’t picked it up since that day! I should just resign myself to the fact that I’ll never teach myself to play!

I am still running though and kicking ass! I’m ready for my first 5k in two weeks from tomorrow. like i’m going to run this thing and it’ll be NO problem at all. I’m definitely doing a 10k this fall. I wish I could run every damn day. EVERY DAMN DAY!

it feels so wonderful

I have my breath figured out so now I feel like I can run forever, or at least until I collapse due to muscle failure 😉

When I have to run at the gym, I’m starting to work on my pace. I’ll run two miles and set the pace to under 9 minutes/mile. I’m hoping that will help me be faster when I’m running outside.

goal before the snow flies is to find a used treadmill for the house.

next summer I want to do a bunch of 5ks all over the great state of Minnesota. I think that’d be so fun. I’d love to take the girls with me but would need to find a partner in crime to travel with me and help with the girls while I’m running. maybe I can aim for two a month, if I can work it out with my schedule at work, who knows what that’ll look like then.

one of these days, I’m buying this domain name LOL


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