Monthly Archives: July 2013

got a plan

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and figuring (imagine that!) I’ve got a business plan forming, I’ve got an exit strategy, I’m on the move. It feels great and little scary but mostly great. it’s a two year plan but could be moved forward at any time. a few things need to fall into place but i’m confident it will all come together. sorry i am being vague, if you want details, ask me. or wait in anticipation 😉



vacation going so great!

This time off of work has been wonderful and I still have 4 days left! I’ve been getting outside, running, biking, indoor rock climbing. it’s been a blast.

I get my girls tomorrow and I think we’ll do some outdoor water stuff, minnehaha falls, lake calhoun and the like. and it actually feels like summer!


more running stuff

so I do have a lot of training to do before October if I want to be able to run a 10k. Sometimes my obsessive behavior comes in handy as long as I use it for good and not evil 😉 If I get into the 10miler, I’ll have to push myself even harder. but I know I can do it. I need to get down a training plan and then stick to it. I want to run a couple more 5ks before October, I should find one to do in August and one to do in September.  The great thing is, I can run a race early Saturday morning and still get to work by noon hah!




I did it!


Finished my first 5k and all I want to do is run another!


tomorrow is my first 5k! i’m so excited! and today I signed up for a 10k in October. and I want to run the ten miler at the tc marathon. I will be signing up for the lottery for that race next week when registration opens. so that means the weekend of Oct 5/6 I’ll be (hopefully) running two races! who am I?? hahah. i love it.


i’m on vacation. yes, it’s a staycation (hate that word really) but i’ve got a lot to do around here so it’ll be good. 

hopefully in the fall, i can take a real vacation that involves leaving my hometown or state. hah. 

first project is the clear the sunroom of cat litter. i gave teh cat back to G. i just don’t want to take care of anything eles except myself and the girls. so bye poot. she was lonely here anyway, i work too much and with the girls gone sat-tues, she was just so lonely. at least at G’s she can torture his dog. 

there’s going to be much purging of things. i want to lose half the shit i have around here. i don’t need all this crap. it just takes up space. i still have boxes from when we moved here labelled “a box of shit” that is so ridiculous! and i have ikea craptastic furniture that i don’t need anymore. so that’ll get set out in the alley and hopefully someone will take it and put it to good use.