Monthly Archives: January 2012


Lu is sick and CaRae is definitely headed in that direction.  Lu is currently snuggled on the couch with her blankie and a movie streaming on Netflix.  CaRae is being my shadow.  It’s hard to get anything done with a 17month old firmly planted in your lap.  or constantly needed to be right next to your side.

hopefully mom and dad can avoid this cold from our girls.  wish us luck.


three days off

I’m on the final day of a glorious three day weekend.  I really needed a break from work.  I was asked to work on Thursday, my first day of my three day weekend.  I opted to not work.  I need a break.  I’ve been cleaning and hanging out with the girls, it’s been nice.

one of my cleaning goals is to de-clutter the house.  I started with the top of my dresser.  I also got the shelving taken care of next to my bed.  well, mostly taken care of, I need to put away some clothes in the hanging shelves I set up in my ridiculously small closet. Then I moved on to the catch-all spot in the hallway where we dump everything; keys, change, lighters, crap from our pockets.  that felt good.  The sink is almost empty of dirty dishes, just have a bit from dinner last night and what we’ve used so far today.

Today, I plan on tackling the porch area and vacuuming and steam mopping the floors.  I also need to clean the girls’ rooms.  and if I’m feeling motivated enough, clean under our bed.  I hate the space under the bed.  it’s like a magnet for stray toys and cat hair.  I should get some more under bed storage cases and just fill that space in so all I’ll need to do is pull those out and sweep up the cat hair once a week.

Oh and I should probably take the damn christmas tree down.  it’s about time ya think?



good saturday morning to you!

today the girls and I will be running to an auto parts store to buy a new headlight for the mazda and then a stop at Trader Joe’s for a gift bag for one of our babysitters.  then it’s back home, some more cleaning and then I’m off to work for the night.  super exciting!

CaRae and I are watching some Yo Gabba Gabba this morning:


that’s mommy’s wine

that’s what my Lu says as she points to my big glass of wine.  she’s so cute.  We’re home tonight while daddy’s out running errands.  the baby is asleep, Lu’s on the couch playing with her leapster and I’m on my computer.  just another fun filled friday night at our house.  soon we’ll move into the bedroom and settle in for the night.

how’d I get so lucky to have a girl like Lu?  she’s not what I envisioned for a child.  I kept waiting for her to start asking me how things work and the like.  she never has.  she just takes in knowledge and occasionally lets you know what she knows.  she’s taught me so much though and i know i have a ton more to learn from her.  she lives so much in her own world but still manages to charm everyone she meets.  it’s like she makes everyone see the world the way she does without really doing much more than just being her.

she’s also one of the most frustrating people i know.  but hey, i love a challenge and she sure does challenge me.

we’ve never had a real back and forth conversation.

she does tell me often that she loves frogs and ladybugs.

she wanted to learn the ABCs in ASL so I taught her and now she is constantly doing her ABCs in ASL and she wants me to spell in ASL all her favorite things.  Milk, hot chocolate, frogs, ladybugs, mommy, daddy, carae, Lu, cheese, mushrooms and so on.

she is awesome.

here goes

so today I didn’t have to work, at my paying  job anyway, so I cleaned parts of my house.  I finally got the damned kitchen in somewhat good shape.  The dishes are mostly done, floor is swept and mopped and the table is wiped down.  The baby highchair is cleaned up but we’ve gotta throw that gross thing out.  After two kids, it’s just ruined.  I also got the hallway and the living room floors done.  Yay me!

Oh and I got some laundry started.

yes, real exciting stuff here, I know.  but you see I’ve got a plan for this year.  Let’s not call it a resolution, it’s just a plan.  And lucky you (er, I mean no one…) get to read all about it!  So yeah,  I’ve gotta get my house under control.  I’m so lazy and let a lot slide but then I walk around this place and want to pull my hair out because it’s just so messy and distracting! So I typed up a cleaning schedule.  I am realistic enough to realize I won’t hit all the daily, 3x a week, monthly and quarterly tasks but it does help me to have it written down with the expectation that I’ll hit most of those tasks.

also in the plan is our financial goals.  Get outta debt, save, and eventually buy a house.  Pretty standard stuff there.  I’ve got to make us stick to this plan.  I hate not having any fucking money because it all goes to credit cards, car payments and my student loan.  garrrr, enough.  We make enough each month that we shouldn’t be struggling but yet every damn month I’m left trying to figure out how to make our paychecks stretch.

so yeah, this is a year of change.

Last year was the year of the Autism Diagnosis (I’ll write about that later, too much to type up tonight.)  This year will be getting our financial and our literal houses in order.  oh and we should probably work on our marriage and parenting as well, but those tend to be works in progress every day, every year anyway.