three days off

I’m on the final day of a glorious three day weekend.  I really needed a break from work.  I was asked to work on Thursday, my first day of my three day weekend.  I opted to not work.  I need a break.  I’ve been cleaning and hanging out with the girls, it’s been nice.

one of my cleaning goals is to de-clutter the house.  I started with the top of my dresser.  I also got the shelving taken care of next to my bed.  well, mostly taken care of, I need to put away some clothes in the hanging shelves I set up in my ridiculously small closet. Then I moved on to the catch-all spot in the hallway where we dump everything; keys, change, lighters, crap from our pockets.  that felt good.  The sink is almost empty of dirty dishes, just have a bit from dinner last night and what we’ve used so far today.

Today, I plan on tackling the porch area and vacuuming and steam mopping the floors.  I also need to clean the girls’ rooms.  and if I’m feeling motivated enough, clean under our bed.  I hate the space under the bed.  it’s like a magnet for stray toys and cat hair.  I should get some more under bed storage cases and just fill that space in so all I’ll need to do is pull those out and sweep up the cat hair once a week.

Oh and I should probably take the damn christmas tree down.  it’s about time ya think?



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