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an experiment

So here I am, in my late thirties with acne. I’ve never ever had great skin but I always figured it would get better as I got older. Well, I’m older now and it’s not any better. Sure, after I quit smoking, things cleared up a bit but not a ton. I don’t have horrible horrible acne with cysts and the like but I do get one or two big lovely zits a month with scores of smaller zits that are just always there, mostly along my jaw line and my cheeks. SO! I’m going to try something which I’ve resisted for years, I’m going dairy free for thirty days to see what happens. I’m not worried about milk or ice cream, there are a great alternatives out there for those things but cheese, oh man, cheese is going to be so difficult. I just love cheese so much. I did take before pics and will not be posting those, yet. If there is improvement, I will post the before and after to show the difference.


H’s Chili

came up with a new chili recipe today

1 box TJ’s Latin Style Black Bean soup

1/2 box TJ’s Creamy Tomato Soup

2 cans diced tomatoes

2 cans corn

1 can black beans

1lb browned ground beef.

Dump everything into crock pot and cook on low setting 8-10 hours. Season to taste (cumin, salt, pepper and a pinch of TJ’s taco seasoning)