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an experiment

So here I am, in my late thirties with acne. I’ve never ever had great skin but I always figured it would get better as I got older. Well, I’m older now and it’s not any better. Sure, after I quit smoking, things cleared up a bit but not a ton. I don’t have horrible horrible acne with cysts and the like but I do get one or two big lovely zits a month with scores of smaller zits that are just always there, mostly along my jaw line and my cheeks. SO! I’m going to try something which I’ve resisted for years, I’m going dairy free for thirty days to see what happens. I’m not worried about milk or ice cream, there are a great alternatives out there for those things but cheese, oh man, cheese is going to be so difficult. I just love cheese so much. I did take before pics and will not be posting those, yet. If there is improvement, I will post the before and after to show the difference.


it’s fucking cold. that is all. brrrrrr

travel more

I want to travel more and I’m making it happen!

First, in February over Valentine’s Day weekend, my longtime BFF and I are heading to Mexico for 5 lovely not winter days!

Then at the end of March, 4 of my BFF’s (aka the Prince Crew) and myself will be heading to Vegas for a weekend of insane craziness.


We get one shot at this life and I am determined to have as much fun as I can. This is it people, we have to get out there and actually DO all the things we want to. Otherwise, we’ll just be going through the motions, being miserable until we are dead. I don’t want a life like that. No thank you.





and this:

2014 2

December 30, 2013

That is the date I became a first time homeowner AND landlord! Yesterday, I received my first rent checks from my downstairs tenants. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2014!

lots of races this year!!

So it’s Jan 2nd and I’ve already filled up my year with races! wooo!

Here’s the schedule so far:

Feb 8 5k
Mar 8 10mile
Mar 15 7K
June 1 relay 8 or 7 miles depending on which leg I run
July 4 Half
Oct 5 Marathon 
Oct 25 Half

I’m sure I’ll sign up for some 5ks and 10ks.

Going to be a good year for running!!