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lots of races this year!!

So it’s Jan 2nd and I’ve already filled up my year with races! wooo!

Here’s the schedule so far:

Feb 8 5k
Mar 8 10mile
Mar 15 7K
June 1 relay 8 or 7 miles depending on which leg I run
July 4 Half
Oct 5 MarathonĀ 
Oct 25 Half

I’m sure I’ll sign up for some 5ks and 10ks.

Going to be a good year for running!!


no motivation

I’m seriously lacking in motivation this winter season. I can’t really run outside, especially with this subzero weather we’ve been having sooo that leaves the treadmill which is hard for me to run longer than thirty minutes. I’ve been focusing on strength training which means lots of lunges, squats and planks. But that’s a bit boring too but at least I can bust out a quick workout in 20 minutes or so. I really want to set up my race schedule for the spring/summer/fall 2014 but I need to wait for some funds to become available. I’m thinking January, I’ll be able to sign up for the big races, a 7k in March, a half in June (either in Duluth or Mpls), 26.2 in Oct and I’m sure I’ll sign up for more 5ks, 10ks and 10 milers as the year goes on. I want 2014 to be a nice and full season of races. I just love races.

more running stuff

so I do have a lot of training to do before October if I want to be able to run a 10k. Sometimes my obsessive behavior comes in handy as long as I use it for good and not evil šŸ˜‰ If I get into the 10miler, I’ll have to push myself even harder. but I know I can do it. I need to get down a training plan and then stick to it. I want to run a couple more 5ks before October, I should find one to do in August and one to do in September. Ā The great thing is, I can run a race early Saturday morning and still get to work by noon hah!




I did it!


Finished my first 5k and all I want to do is run another!


tomorrow is my first 5k! i’m so excited! and today I signed up for a 10k in October. and I want to run the ten miler at the tc marathon. I will be signing up for the lottery for that race next week when registration opens. so that means the weekend of Oct 5/6 I’ll be (hopefully) running two races! who am I?? hahah. i love it.