Monthly Archives: November 2016

Let’s just call this a once a year blog thing

Wow, I’m totally sucking at keeping up with this dang thing! I really need to make this a habit. Weekly writing, I can do it! hahaha. Last year, I had a goal to write three times a week between this blog and, I failed spectacularly at both endeavors. So I will be attempting that again. Part of the problem is that Facebook makes it so easy to read an article, share, and comment on it and I already have 400 followers who engage with most things I share/post on that platform. ¬†AND! I’m a mediocre writer at best and feel that others can say what’s on my mind oh so much better than I. So there’s the fear of doing this writing thing and being a fraud. But to get any good at anything, one has to practice SO if I can just motivate enough to get on this thing and fucking write a few times a week, it will get easier and I’ll feel less like a fraud (although, never like a writer) and maybe some good shit will be written.