Monthly Archives: January 2013

H’s Chili

came up with a new chili recipe today

1 box TJ’s Latin Style Black Bean soup

1/2 box TJ’s Creamy Tomato Soup

2 cans diced tomatoes

2 cans corn

1 can black beans

1lb browned ground beef.

Dump everything into crock pot and cook on low setting 8-10 hours. Season to taste (cumin, salt, pepper and a pinch of TJ’s taco seasoning)


it’s a new year

and I’m feeling exactly like I felt yesterday. hmm, I don’t really get into the whole yay, new year, new beginnings. I’m still going to do some shit around the house, feed my kids dinner tonight, sleep and get up and go to work in the morning right? it’s not really a new beginning, i mean really.

I will report that this past year has been fairly decent overall. My finances are in a better place, I’ve got some breathing room going on here and it’s a weird feeling but in a good way. My marriage is well, 9.5 years in and I only wanna kill my hubs half the time hah. The kiddos are being loud and crazy and unreasonable and also super adorable and fun and creative. so yeah, here’s to another 365!