Monthly Archives: May 2012

money money money

wish I had more, wish I could be smarter with what I have. sigh

the debt hole is hell. hard to climb out of but oh so easy to jump into.

thank goodness I can make all my payments. but just barely. and it doesn’t leave us with anything to save. things will get better, we will claw our way out of the hole. we will. I know it.


it’s friday night

just got paid…


so far I’m enjoying my weekend. I actually napped today when Lu was at school and CaRae was sleeping. Unbelievable! I never nap, I’ve got way too much to do around here. So the dishes will wait and the laundry will too. The nap felt so good!

I’m so excited for my friend’s wedding in July. I bought my skirt today and found some shoes that I think will look great with it. But I couldn’t decide which color to get so I bought two pair, one turquoise and one navy and when the skirt arrives in the mail, I’ll decide.

My summer is filling up, busy every weekend throughout June and July except for one.

Lu has 6 more days of school, a week and a half of summer then summer school! I know summer school sounds horrible but for Lu, it’s the best thing possible. It will keep her busy and engaged and working on all the things she’s learned (social, communication, routine etc) throughout this school year. Then in the fall I’ll have a kindergartner!

update goodness

okay, yes, it’s been a few months since I started this blog, here’s what is going on…

I got a promotion at work and it’s been just wonderful!  longer hours, more pay, more responsibility.  it’s just great!  I think I’m doing a decent job of managing my home life with work as well.

We registered Lu for kindergarten! She’s also going to be attending summer school for 6 weeks which is awesome.

CaRae is in the throws of terrific two-hood.  She’s a super cute, super frustrating, wonderful, full of attitude, walking, running, talking little person.

G’s good and we are getting along wonderfully.

The money situation is improving, we’re slowing digging out of debt.

The summer holds a lot promise, a friend’s wedding, a couple of shows, a camping trip.  yay!

encouraged by my friend

I’m once again going to try to write in this thing more frequently.  Thanks Molls for the encouragement.  xoxo

a good overview

Autism – PubMed Health.

My aunt asked me about Lu’s severity so I was looking around the web for her and found this page, it has a very comprehensive list of symptoms.  It makes me feel like things could be so much worse with Lu! and I’m so grateful.