it’s friday night

just got paid…


so far I’m enjoying my weekend. I actually napped today when Lu was at school and CaRae was sleeping. Unbelievable! I never nap, I’ve got way too much to do around here. So the dishes will wait and the laundry will too. The nap felt so good!

I’m so excited for my friend’s wedding in July. I bought my skirt today and found some shoes that I think will look great with it. But I couldn’t decide which color to get so I bought two pair, one turquoise and one navy and when the skirt arrives in the mail, I’ll decide.

My summer is filling up, busy every weekend throughout June and July except for one.

Lu has 6 more days of school, a week and a half of summer then summer school! I know summer school sounds horrible but for Lu, it’s the best thing possible. It will keep her busy and engaged and working on all the things she’s learned (social, communication, routine etc) throughout this school year. Then in the fall I’ll have a kindergartner!


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