that’s mommy’s wine

that’s what my Lu says as she points to my big glass of wine.  she’s so cute.  We’re home tonight while daddy’s out running errands.  the baby is asleep, Lu’s on the couch playing with her leapster and I’m on my computer.  just another fun filled friday night at our house.  soon we’ll move into the bedroom and settle in for the night.

how’d I get so lucky to have a girl like Lu?  she’s not what I envisioned for a child.  I kept waiting for her to start asking me how things work and the like.  she never has.  she just takes in knowledge and occasionally lets you know what she knows.  she’s taught me so much though and i know i have a ton more to learn from her.  she lives so much in her own world but still manages to charm everyone she meets.  it’s like she makes everyone see the world the way she does without really doing much more than just being her.

she’s also one of the most frustrating people i know.  but hey, i love a challenge and she sure does challenge me.

we’ve never had a real back and forth conversation.

she does tell me often that she loves frogs and ladybugs.

she wanted to learn the ABCs in ASL so I taught her and now she is constantly doing her ABCs in ASL and she wants me to spell in ASL all her favorite things.  Milk, hot chocolate, frogs, ladybugs, mommy, daddy, carae, Lu, cheese, mushrooms and so on.

she is awesome.


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