what a day

well, 10 years ago, I got married. today, I finished filling out the divorce paperwork.

I also started formulating a business plan. nothing that will happen any time soon, it’s at least two years out.

moving forward

one day at a time

i made an awesome anniversary dinner, steak, mashed baby red potatos and sauteed asparagus, onions and mushrooms. it was delicious. now i’m enjoying a whiskey ginger while i wait for Lu to fall asleep.

time for bed soon

what a day


2 responses to “what a day

  • Jeanette Wierman

    I wish I was close by. I’d love to sit and talk with you over a beer or two or three. Miss you, momma. Love you.

  • monybalony

    that would be so awesome! 🙂 i’m okay, it’s just weird. I had thought we’d have a big party for our ten year anniversary. it’s a bittersweet for sure.

    xoxo love and miss you a ton! loved all your vacation pics, looked like so much fun.

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