Sunday morning run

Morning run stats (don’t believe the splits, my phone or the runkeeper app has been wonky, I know the distance is correct though.)

Wooo, such a beautiful morning, it feels HOT and it’s awesome after our long ass winter. The greenway smelled of lilacs and everything is blooming, it’s gorgeous. And of course, Sunday morning means lots of people biking, walking and running. It’s so wonderful to see us utilizing the greenway, it’s really amazing how the city turned a sketchy and often dangerous area where addicts and alcoholics hung out to a thriving green space that attracts all kinds to get out and get their exercise on! Good job Mpls!

So I foam rolled the hell out of my left butt, hip and thigh before I headed out after I had my usual cup of coffee with cream and big glass of water. I need to remember to just drink water ALL day, especially now that it’s getting hot and I’ll sweat a lot more on my runs. My knee felts great through the whole run. I thought about running around Lake of the Isles too but decided I wasn’t up to adding three more miles onto my run. Maybe tomorrow morning 🙂

When I got back to my exit on the greenway, I did some stretching (calves, hips, butt and hip flexors) and then headed to the house. Now I’m eating, my post run eats: two pieces of sprouted whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a glass of hippy gatorade (this time it’s 100% tart cherry juice, juice of two limes and coconut water), a spinach salad with apples, goat cheese and red wine olive oil dressing. Might eat an avocado too.

Then I get to work for ten hours. I will sleep like a rock tonight.



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