Bah humbug

Ugh, I’m so not into the Christmas spirit this year. I think working in retail for 9 years killed what little spirit I had pre-TJ’s. We haven’t even put up the tree this year and I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. I keep thinking of all the crap I need to get done in the next seven days plus work. Post office tomorrow to mail the in-laws shit and send off cards to a few aunts and my grandpa. Then a trip to the mall for a few last minute gifts. Actually that’s not too bad, just means more running around and less relaxing on my weekend…

Okay whine whine whine . And I’m done.

All I want for Christmas is a massage. Let’s see if that happens. I do get a surprise extra day off next week so that should help my poor overworked body and yes that massage would really help too.


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