it’s getting real

And G is moving out this weekend. I predict a long, somewhat drawn out process. There is not a box in sight. oh well. I’ll take my time sorting and purging and rearranging. We are trying to be so fair in this process. who gets what, how much do we each owe for the shared debt. I’ll pay you for our bed since it’s a pain to move it out of this place. you pay the car  insurance, I’ll pay for the (ex)family phone plan. how often do we each have the girls. do we change the bus pick up (not this year.) and on and on. more of the same to come, I’m sure.

I’ve been on the last few days dreaming of my dream house. but of course, my dream house doesn’t really involve ikea furniture but does involve a lot of money so that’s why i’m perusing i went today and bought a few things, under $70 worth of stuff. a new light for the living room, a rug now that knuckles won’t be here all the time to pee on it. some other swedish made in china crap. I had both girls, that was a a fun adventure. they did surprisingly well considering it was very crowded which can throw Lu into a mood and the middle of the afternoon when CaRae should be napping. I looked like the crazy mom only three times. so yes, I’ll call it a success.


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