New glasses


The start of the reinvention of me. Happens at the end of every relationship. I’m struggling to keep myself from shaving my head, quitting my job and running far from here.

So instead, I’ve started running for exercise, throwing myself into my work and will have a professional cut my hair.

But the urge to flee, to remove myself from my surroundings is so strong, just simmering under the surface.


3 responses to “New glasses

  • Kate McC

    I really admire you for finding better ways to channel the feelings you’re having. Old habits can die superhard and imho, the whole “finding better ways” thing is a huge part of getting through life in a way that feels authentically good. And that you’re doing it in a hard situation is something you should feel really good about – this is a big life challenge, and you are rising to it. You are pretty darn amazing, gal :).

    • monybalony

      that’s means a lot coming from you Kate, I have always admired you. 🙂 Having the girls helps me to take a step back and think instead of falling into my old pattern of run away.

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