eye doctor appointment

so I went to the eye doctor today, an activity I have come to dread. ugh.

I did find some kick ass new frames that I’m going to LOVE, they are SO me:

new glasses

but the bad shit far outweighs the cool new specks. Apparently, once your nearsightedness gets so poor, they really can only correct it to point. So, I’m pretty close to that point. eventually I’ll just have horrible central vision  even with glasses. also, I apparently have a small cataract. but it’s not impairing my vision (any worse) so no surgery needed. and to top it off, I have to do another damn field vision test because of my RP and crappy peripheral vision.

fuck you eyes! oh and I’ll be needing a touchscreen monitor or a MS surface or some such device soon because I keep losing the goddamn cursor on my screen. so yeah, fuck you eyes!


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